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Understanding Model Predictive Control, Part 6: How to Design an MPC Controller with Simulink

Learn how to design an MPC controller for an autonomous vehicle steering system using Model Predictive Control Toolbox™. - Free Technical paper on Adaptive Cruise Controller with Model Predictive Control: - Download model: - Learn more about Model Predictive Control Toolbox: - Model Predictive Control Toolbox: - Lane Keeping Assist System Documentation: - Lane Keeping Assist System Using Model Predictive Control: - Lane Keeping Assist with Lane Detection: - Developing Longitudinal Controls for a Self-Driving Taxi: - Driving Scenario Designer: - Autonomous Vehicle Steering Using Model Predictive Control: - Adaptive MPC Design with Simulink and Model Predictive Control Toolbox: This video walks you through the design process of an MPC controller. Using the MPC Designer app that comes with Model Predictive Control Toolbox, you can specify MPC design parameters such as controller sample time, prediction and control horizons, and constraints and weights. You can then fine tune your controller and evaluate its performance. For the autonomous steering vehicle example demonstrated in this video, a custom reference trajectory is created using the Driving Scenario Designer app, which is part of Automated Driving System Toolbox™.

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