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Decision making for a robotic hexapod

This project consists in developing a robotic platform with a Hexapod Morphology. The core control system for the hexapods locomotion consisted of a bioinspired control in which a basic neural oscillatory circuit (Spiking Neurons Model) generated the control signals to coordinate the motion between each of the six legs. The control system allowed us to connect the locomotion and visual systems of the hexapods, achieving multiple behaviors based the visual inputs captured through an on board cameras (decision making). Using the hexapods vision we could identify objects and act among three different kind of agents represented by colored tags: A Red agent that represents a predator from which the hexapod most run away going back to origin(Aversive Behavior), a Green agent representing an obstacle to be avoided (Evasive Behavior), and a Blue agent representing a prey the hexapod most chase (Appetitive Behavior).

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