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Computer Vision for Engineering and Science Specialization


What you'll learn

Use a variety of algorithms to detect & match image features & perform image registration

Train image classification & detection models using traditional image features

Perform multi-object tracking to count, track, & determine the direction of objects in video files

Use deep learning models such as YOLO to perform object detection & compare their size and speed

Specialization - 3 course series

Cameras are an integral component in many new technologies. Autonomous systems use cameras to navigate their environment, while doctors use small cameras to help guide minimally invasive surgical techniques. It is essential that engineers use computer vision techniques to extract information from these types of images and videos. 

In this specialization, you’ll gain the computer vision skills underpinning many of today’s top jobs. Specifically, you’ll:  

  • Perform object detection 
  • Train image classification models 
  • Use features to track objects and align images 
  • Detect motion in video 
  • Implement multi-object tracking 

You will use MATLAB throughout this specialization.  MATLAB is the go-to choice for millions of people working in engineering and science and provides the capabilities you need to accomplish your computer vision tasks.  You will be provided free access to MATLAB for the duration of the specialization to complete your work.

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