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How to Use Variant Manager in Simulink ?

Using Variant Manager in Simulink

Variant Manager is a powerful tool in Simulink for managing model variants and parameters efficiently. Here's how to use it:

1. Create Variants:

Open your Simulink model.

Go to Tools > Variant Manager.

Click Add Variant.

Enter a name for the new variant.

Repeat for all desired variants.

2. Manage Parameters:

Select a variant in the Variant Manager window.

In the model, identify parameters you want to vary between variants.

Right-click the parameter and select Set As Variant Parameter.

A "Variant Input" block will be automatically created for the parameter.

Modify the "Variant Input" block value for each variant in the Variant Manager window.

3. Use Variants in Simulation:

During simulation, select the desired variant in the Variant Manager window.

Simulink will use the parameter values specific to that variant.

You can easily switch between variants and compare their simulation results.

Additional Tips:

Use descriptive names for variants and parameters for clarity.

Group related parameters in folders within the Variant Manager.

Utilize Variant Subsystems to organize complex model variations.

Leverage Simulink Design Optimization tools for automated variant exploration.

Remember: Always ensure your parameter values and model behavior are consistent with your intended design and comply with relevant safety and ethical considerations.

For further guidance, you can refer to the official Simulink documentation:

Learn how Variant Manager can help in system development when there are various design alternatives. These various design alternatives can be modeled in Simulink® models using variant elements. To manage these variant elements, you can use Variant Manager.

This demonstration shows an example of a wiper system model. The wiper system model includes multiple modes that are modeled using variant elements. Variant Manager captures the model hierarchy, enabling visualization and management of variant elements.

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