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Discover What's New: R2024a Release Highlights for MATLAB and Simulink

 Release 2024a offers hundreds of new and updated features and functions in MATLAB and Simulink. Learn more about what's new in R2024a:

Get more out of MATLAB and Simulink by downloading the latest release:

Major Updates:

- Computer Vision Toolbox: Deploy YOLOX object detection; conduct team-based labeling; perform real-time visual SLAM.

- Deep Learning Toolbox: Support architectures such as transformers; import and co-simulate PyTorch and TensorFlow models.

- GPU Coder: Generate generic CUDA for deep learning; use single memory manager and profile code for MEX code generation.

- Instrument Control Toolbox: Use the Instrument Explorer app to manage devices with IVI and VXIplug&play drivers without writing code.

- Satellite Communications Toolbox: Model multiplatform scenarios and perform visibility and communications link analyses on them.

- UAV Toolbox: Design and deploy flight controller for a vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) UAV with PX4 hardware-in-the-loop simulation; interface with PX4 Cube Orange Plus and Pixhawk 6c autopilots.


- Simulink 3D Animation: Simulate and visualize dynamic systems in Unreal Engine 5.1 with new prebuilt scenes, actors, and sensors.

- SoC Blockset: Prototype and test on SDR and vision hardware with SoC Blockset Support Package for Xilinx Devices.

MATLAB and Simulink Updates:

- Editor Spell Checker: Check spelling in text and comments in MATLAB code files.

- Simulink Editor: Preserve signal line shape when moving and resizing blocks.


- Local Functions: Define functions anywhere in scripts and live scripts.

- Python Interface: Convert between MATLAB tables and Python Pandas DataFrames.

- Python Interface: Interactively run Python code with Run Python Live Editor task.

- REST Function Service: Call MATLAB functions from any local or remote client program using REST.

- Secrets in MATLAB Vault: Remove sensitive information from code.

- ode Object: Solve ODEs and perform sensitivity analysis using SUNDIALS solvers.


- Simulink Solver: Use local solvers for components with faster dynamics.

- Simulation Object: Control the execution and tune parameter values of scripted simulations.

- MATLAB Apps: Create a custom app that interfaces with a Simulink model using MATLAB App Designer.

Support Packages

- 6G Exploration Library for 5G Toolbox

- Audio Toolbox Interface for SpeechBrain Library

- Computer Vision Toolbox Model for Pose Mask R-CNN 6-DOF Object Pose Estimation

- Databricks ODBC Driver

- Embedded Coder Support Package for Infineon AURIX TC3x Processors

- Lidar Toolbox Model for RandLA-Net Semantic Segmentation

- Lidar Toolbox Support Package for Hokuyo Lidar Sensors

- MariaDB ODBC Driver

- PostgreSQL ODBC Driver

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