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Introduction to Mixed-Signal Analyzer

 Learn how to streamline your Cadence® to MATLAB® postprocessing workflow using a MATLAB app called Mixed-Signal Analyzer. Start with a Low Drop-Out (LDO) regulator design in Cadence Virtuoso® ADE that has been simulated over a number of corners. 

After a brief walk-through of the design, push the blue M-button in Cadence that establishes a connection between MATLAB and Virtuoso. From there, open the Mixed-Signal Analyzer app and begin visualizing the different waveforms and metrics from the simulations. This all occurs without creating any intermediate CSV files or manual processing of the Cadence PSF files. It’s 100% point-and-click, from Cadence simulation to MATLAB visualization. 

In the process, you’ll also learn how to generate fully customizable trend charts (pivot charts) of your metrics. You can also leverage the app’s built-in analyses and MATLAB as a calculator to compute new metrics on your simulation data. Finally, generate a PDF report of your work, all of this without writing any code. In subsequent videos, more advanced maneuvers using Mixed-Signal Analyzer will be demonstrated.

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