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Data Science Project: MATLAB for the Real World


What you'll learn

Apply a full data science workflow, including importing & cleaning data, creating features, training machine learning models, & evaluating results

Effectively communicate results by identifying your target audience & creating meaningful visualizations

Create a final report that includes text, code, & visualizations to share with colleagues

There are 4 modules in this course

Like most subjects, practice makes perfect in Data Science.   In the capstone project, you will apply the skills learned across courses in the Practical Data Science with MATLAB specialization to explore, process, analyze, and model data.   You will choose your own pathway to answer key questions with the provided data.

To complete the project, you must have mastery of the skills covered in other courses in the specialization.  The project will test your ability to import and explore your data, prepare the data for analysis, train a predictive model, evaluate and improve your model, and communicate your results. 

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