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Speed Up Simulink Simulation Workflows

 Does your Simulink simulation take a long time to run? Would you like to improve your simulation performance? Then this Webinar is for you. In this webinar, we will show you how to analyze and understand your simulation workflows. Depending on your specific simulation workflow and the model characteristics, we will present several important techniques to help you to speed up your simulation.

Learn how to:

• Select the correct simulation mode

• Enable fast Restart

• Run multiple simulations in parallel

• Use Model reference and Simulink Cache

• Tools to Identify simulation bottlenecks

Learn more about Improving Simulation Performance in Simulink:  

About the Presenters: 

Guy Rouleau, Consulting Advanced Support Engineer

Guy has 15 years of experience helping MathWorks customers use Simulink. His areas of interest include modeling semantics, simulation accuracy, solvers, and performance. He is the author of Guy on Simulink, where he shares tips and tricks about Simulink and other MathWorks tools used in Model-Based-Design. He holds a Master of Mechanical Engineering from McGill University, Montreal, Canada

Reid Spence, Advanced Support Engineer

Reid has 5 years of experience supporting Simulink customers. Reid’s focuses on Simulink performance and parallel simulations. He holds a Master of Mechanical Engineering from Georgia Tech.

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