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Mastering Programming with MATLAB


What you'll learn

You will learn advanced concepts related to functions such as recursion and function handles.

You will learn how to write efficient programs.

You will learn the basics of Object Oriented Programming.

You will learn to write Live Scripts and create professional graphical user interfaces.

There are 7 modules in this course

The course builds on the foundation laid by the first course of the Specialization called “Introduction to Programming with MATLAB.” It covers more advanced programming concepts such as recursion, vectorization, function handles, algorithm efficiency and others. At the same time, it presents many features that make MATLAB a powerful programming environment for engineering and scientific computing, such as  its support for object oriented programming, the new user interface design environment and Live Scripts.

By the end of this course, you will be familiar with more advanced computer programming concepts, able to write more efficient code, and able to create object oriented MATLAB applications with graphical user interfaces. 

JOIN - Mastering Programming with MATLAB

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