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Get and Install MATLAB Add-Ons and Simulink Add-Ons Using the Add-On Explorer

This video demonstrates how to find, manage, and install MATLAB® add-ons using the Add-On Explorer in MATLAB. Learn how to easily install MathWorks products for which you are already licensed. Browse and search thousands of free MATLAB add-ons. Content includes toolboxes, support packages, apps, functions, and models authored by both MathWorks staff and the community.

Categories of content include:

- Data Import and Analysis
- Mathematics
- Graphics
- App Building
- Image Processing and Computer Vision
- AI, Data Science, and Statistics
- Machine Learning
- Signal Processing
- Wireless Communications
- RF and Mixed Signals
- Autonomous Systems
- Real-Time Simulation and Testing
- Physical and Event-Based Modeling
- Code Generation

Read more about the Add-On Explorer in MATLAB here - You also can create your own add-ons, including apps and toolboxes. For more information about creating apps, see Package Apps From the MATLAB Toolstrip - For more information about creating toolboxes, see Create and Share Toolboxes - To share the add-ons you create, submit them to File Exchange at MATLAB Central. The add-ons you share are discoverable in both File Exchange and the Add-On Explorer -

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