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Understanding Model Predictive Control, Part 5: How To Run MPC Faster

This video starts by providing quick tips for implementing MPC for fast applications. - Model Predictive Control Toolbox: - What Is Model Predictive Control Toolbox?: To reduce the complexity of MPC calculations, you can try to use model order reduction techniques, use shorter prediction and control horizons, reduce the number of constraints, and use lower-precision data representations and operations. - Explicit MPC Design: - Use Suboptimal Solution in Fast MPC Applications: If you need to further decrease the sample time for your fast applications, you can use explicit MPC or suboptimal solution. Explicit MPC requires fewer run-time computations than traditional MPC by using optimal solutions precomputed offline. You can guarantee the worst-case execution time for your MPC controller by applying a suboptimal solution after the number of iterations exceeds a specified maximum value. -How to Design an MPC Controller with Simulink and Model Predictive Control Toolbox: - Adaptive MPC Design with Simulink and Model Predictive Control Toolbox:

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