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Essential MATLAB for Engineers and Scientists Fourth Edition

This book is an introduction to the world of MATLAB programming, and it seeks to provide a strong foundation in the subject. Throughout the book emphasis is laid on the importance of structured stepwise method of problem solving. The book comes in a self – help format for dedicated professionals trying to get acquainted with MATLAB programming and also for students trying to make their mark in the field of engineering and science. The book is simple in language for easier understanding among the readers. The authors Brian Hahn, in an effort to help ardent learners has included sections on common mistakes that are made by students.

Essential Matlab For Engineers And Scientists is divided into two parts: essentials and applications. The part one of the book contains sections like an introduction, fundamentals, program design , algorithm development, functions and data import-export utilities, logical vectors, matrices of numbers and arrays of strings, introduction to graphics, loops, errors and pitfalls, function M files, advanced data structures, and graphical user interface. The second part of the book deals with application, focusing on topics like dynamical system, simulation and introduction to numerical method. The book comes with introductions attached to chapters that are difficult from the perspective of a new learner.

The book characterizes a number of practice exercises that make it a wholesome learning experience for the student. Essential Matlab For Engineers And Scientists was published by Elsevier in 2010. The book is available in paperback.
Buy Link: Essential Matlab For Engineers And Scientists Paperback – 1 January 2010 by Hahn (Author), Brian H (Author)

PDF Link: Essential Matlab For Engineers And Scientists pdf

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