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Reinforcement Learning for Engineers, Part 4: The Walking Robot Problem

This video shows how to use the reinforcement learning workflow to get a bipedal robot to walk. It also looks at how to modify the default example to make it look more like how one would set up a traditional control problem by adding a reference signal. It will also consider how an RL-equipped agent can replace parts of a traditional control system rather than an end-to-end design.  Finally, some of the limitations of this design will be shown.

Deep Reinforcement Learning for Walking Robots: You can find the example model used in this video in the MATLAB Central File Exchange: Reinforcement Learning by Sutton and Barto: Reinforcement Learning course by David Silver:

Part 1: What Is Reinforcement Learning?

Part 2: Understanding the Environment and Rewards

Part 3: Policies and Learning Algorithms

Part 5: Overcoming the Practical Challenges

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