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State Space, Part 4: What is LQR control?

The Linear Quadratic Regulator (LQR) LQR is a type of optimal control that is based on state space representation. In this video, we introduce this topic at a very high level so that you walk away with a general understanding of the control problem and can build on this understanding when you are studying the math behind it. This video will cover what it means to be optimal and how to think about the LQR problem. At the end I’ll show you some examples in MATLAB that I think will help you gain a little intuition about LQR. Check out these other resources! Download the code for the UFO animation: Integral action: LQR by Christopher Lum: LQR by Steven Brunton: Solving LQR problem: Learn more about State Space Models:

Part 1: Introduction to State-Space Equations

Part 2: Pole Placement

Part 3: A Conceptual Approach to Controllability and Observability

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