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Deploying ROS Node on Raspberry Pi

Maitreyee Mordekar discusses how to deploy algorithms from a Simulink® model as a standalone Robot Operating System (ROS) node on Raspberry Pi™ using a colored object tracking example. First, she explains how to connect to a remote ROS device using ROS Toolbox. She then talks about deploying an ROS node with vision and control algorithms and validating it from another Simulink model for visualization. Next, she discusses how you can publish and subscribe between an ROS node in Simulink and a standalone ROS node deployed onto Pi. Additional Resources: - Watch related videos for students: - Download the files from GitHub: - Getting Started with Simulink Support Package for Raspberry Pi (12:46): - Find out more about programming robots using MATLAB® and Simulink: - Contact the MathWorks student competitions team: - Watch related videos for students: - Request software for your student competition team: - Raspberry Pi Support from Simulink:

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