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Understanding Kalman Filters, Part 6: How to Use a Kalman Filter in Simulink

This video demonstrates how you can estimate the angular position of a simple pendulum system using a Kalman filter in Simulink. Download examples and code - Design and Simulate Kalman Filter Algorithms: Design and use Kalman filters in MATLAB and Simulink: Download model: Watch other MATLAB Tech Talks: Get a free Product Trial: Using MATLAB and Simulink, you can implement linear time-invariant or time-varying Kalman filters. In this video, a simple pendulum system is modeled in Simulink using Simscape Multibody™. The angular position of the pendulum is estimated using the Kalman filter block that is available in Control System Toolbox™. The video shows how to configure Kalman filter block parameters such as the system model, initial state estimates, and noise characteristics.

Part 1: Why Use Kalman Filters?

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