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Numerical Analysis: Using MATLAB and Excel by Steven T. Karris

This text includes the following chapters and appendices: • 
Introduction to MATLAB • 
Root Approximations • 
Sinusoids and Complex Numbers • 
Matrices and Determinants • 
Review of Differential Equations • 
Fourier, Taylor, and Maclaurin Series • 
Finite Differences and Interpolation • 
Linear and Parabolic Regression • 
Solution of Differential Equations by Numerical Methods • 
Integration by Numerical Methods • Difference Equations • 
Partial Fraction Expansion • 
The Gamma and Beta Functions • 
Orthogonal Functions and Matrix Factorizations • 
Bessel, Legendre, and Chebyshev Polynomials • 
Optimization Methods • 
Difference Equations in Discrete-Time Systems • 
Introduction to Simulink • Ill-Conditioned Matrices Each chapter contains numerous practical applications supplemented with detailed instructions for using MATLAB and/or Excel to obtain accurate and quick solutions.
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