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Fundamentals Of Electromagnetics With MATLAB by Lonngren , Savov

The underlying aim of the text is to make the study of electromagnetic theory more interesting through the use of MATLAB examples, graphics and exercises. 

The power of MATLAB for the calculation of problems and visualization of wave propagation for physical understanding and appreciation of electromagnetism field characteristics is clearly demonstrated.

The underlying philosophy of this one semester undergraduate text is to combine the student’s computer/MATLAB ability that has been gained in earlier courses with an introduction to electromagnetic theory in a coherent fashion in order to stimulate the physical understanding of this difficult topic. Where two terms of Electromagnetic Theory were once required, the challenge of squeezing study into one term can at least be partially met with the use of MATLAB to diminish the
drudgery of numerical computations while enhancing understanding of concepts. 

Therefore, in this text numerous examples are solved using MATLAB along with the creation of several figures throughout the text, and all of the “.m” files are made available for the reader to examine and to modify. We therefore believe that it is possible to take this seemingly abstract material and make it understandable and interesting to the student. This belief has been confirmed by using the material in classes for six years and continually using student feedback to improve it.

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