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MATLAB for Psychologists by Mauro Borgo, Alessandro Soranzo, Massimo Grassi

The matrix laboratory interactive computing environment―MATLAB―has brought creativity to research in diverse disciplines, particularly in designing and programming experiments. More commonly used in mathematics and the sciences, it also lends itself to a variety of applications across the field of psychology. For the novice looking to use it in experimental psychology research, though, becoming familiar with MATLAB can be a daunting task.

MATLAB for Psychologists expertly guides readers through the component steps, skills, and operations of the software, with plentiful graphics and examples to match the reader’s comfort level. Using an extended illustration, this concise volume explains the program’s usefulness at any point in an experiment, without the limits imposed by other types of software. And the authors demonstrate the responsiveness of MATLAB to the individual’s research needs, whether the task is programming experiments, creating sensory stimuli, running simulations, or calculating statistics for data analysis.

Buy: MATLAB for Psychologists Paperback – Import, 16 Apr 2014 by Mauro Borgo (Author), Alessandro Soranzo (Author), Massimo Grassi (Author)

PDF Link: MATLAB for Psychologists by Mauro Borgo, Alessandro Soranzo, Massimo Grassi
Key features of the coverage:

 Thinking in a matrix way.
 Handling and plotting data. Guidelines for improved programming, sound, and imaging.
 Statistical analysis and signal detection theory indexes.
 The Graphical User Interface.
 The Psychophysics Toolbox.

MATLAB for Psychologists serves a wide audience of advanced undergraduate and graduate level psychology students, professors, and researchers as well as lab technicians involved in programming psychology experiments.

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