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MATLAB Primer, Sixth Edition by Kermit Sigmon, Timothy A. Davis

The new edition of this bestselling primer features the latest release of the powerhouse mathematics software package MATLAB, version 6.1. MATLAB recently incorporated an extensive graphical user interface (GUI), and now, more than ever, it offers an intuitive language for expressing problems and solutions both mathematically and graphically.

This edition of the Primer offers a complete overview of the new GUI along with a host of other refinements.

More emphasis on matrix operations and a new section on the find function that helps you avoid using cumbersome DO loops and makes your code faster and easier to read

Full descriptions of all examples, which are now linked to lead you through each chapter, showing how to input and use each example in actual problems.

A new chapter on programming that clearly shows how to call a C routine from MATLAB.

New discussions on sparse matrix ordering and visualizations that show how to take advantage of sparsity and solve problems that may otherwise be intractable

Why spend endless hours struggling through thick manuals when the MATLAB Primer, Sixth Edition can get you going in a fraction of the time? It provides streamlined but thorough coverage, convenient size, and an economical price that make it not only an outstanding introduction for new users, but a handy reference for those already using MATLAB to solve real problems.

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