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MATLAB Programming (Esource--The Prentice Hall Engineering Source) by David Kuncicky

For Freshman or Introductory courses in Engineering and Computer Science.

ESource―Prentice Hall's Engineering Source―provides a comprehensive, customizable introductory engineering and computing library. Featuring over 25 modules and growing, ESource allows professors to fully customize their textbooks through the ESource website. Professors are not only able to pick and choose complete modules, but also custom-build a freshman engineering text that matches their content needs and course organization exactly! 

Using the ESource online BookBuild system at, they can view and select book chapters, change the sequence, instantly calculate the book's net (bookstore) price, request a free examination copy, and generate an ISBN for placing a bookstore order. They can also add your own course notes, syllabi, reference charts, or other favorite materials, including material from third-party publishers.

Buy: MATLAB Programming (Esource--The Prentice Hall Engineering Source) Paperback – Import, 12 Jun 2003 by David Kuncicky (Author)

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