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Environmental Modeling Using MATLAB by Ekkehard Holzbecher

The book has two aims: to introduce basic concepts of environmental modeling and to facilitate the application of the concepts using modern numerical tools such as MATLAB and FEMLAB. It is targeted at all natural scientists dealing with the environment: process and chemical engineers, physicists, chemists, biologists, biochemists, hydrogeologists, geochemists and ecologists. FEMLAB is a natural complement to MATLAB, as it is a special tool for those tasks which cannot be performed with the basic MATLAB software.

The book “Environmental Modeling using MATLAB ” provides a clear,
comprehensive, and very instructive introduction to the science of environ-
mental modeling, and more importantly, includes the MATLAB codes
for the actual solutions to the environmental equations. MATLAB codes
are listed in the book and also included as more complete versions in an
attached CD.

I highly recommend this book to both beginners and expert environmental
professionals. The book will be particularly useful to those scientists who have
postponed the learning and using mathematical software. This book will open
a new world to them!

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