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Digital Circuit Analysis and Design With Simulink Modeling: And Introduction to Cplds and Fpgas by Steven T. Karris

This text includes the following chapters and appendices: • 
  • Common Number Systems and Conversions 
  • •Operations in Binary, Octal, and Hexadecimal Systems • 
  • Sign Magnitude and Floating Point Arithmetic • 
  • Binary Codes • Fundamentals of Boolean Algebra • 
  • Minterms and Maxterms • 
  • Combinational Logic Circuits • 
  • Sequential Logic Circuits • 
  • Memory Devices • 
  • Advanced Arithmetic and Logic Operations • 
  • Introduction to Field Programmable Devices • 
  • Introduction to the ABEL Hardware Description Language • 
  • Introduction to VHDL • Introduction to Verilog 
  • •Introduction to Boundary-Scan Architecture. 
Each chapter contains numerous practical applications. This is a design-oriented text

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