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Introduction to Fuzzy Logic using MATLAB by S.N. Sivanandam, S. Sumathi, S. N. Deepa

This book provides a broad-ranging, but detailed overview of the basics of Fuzzy Logic. The fundamentals of Fuzzy Logic are discussed in detail, and illustrated with various solved examples. 

The book also deals with applications of Fuzzy Logic, to help readers more fully understand the concepts involved. Solutions to the problems are programmed using MATLAB 6.0, with simulated results. The MATLAB Fuzzy Logic toolbox is provided for easy reference.

The principles of fuzzy systems are dealt in depth with the information and the useful knowledge available for computing processes. The various algorithms and the solutions to the problems are well balanced pertinent to the fuzzy systems’ research projects, labs, and for college- and university-level

Modern aspects of soft computing have been introduced from the first principles and discussed in an easy manner, so that a beginner can grasp the concept of fuzzy systems with minimal effort.

The solutions to the problems are programmed using Matlab 6.0 and the simulated results are given. The fuzzy logic toolbox are also provided in the Appendix for easy reference of the students and professionals.

The book contains solved example problems, review questions, and exercise problems.

This book is designed to give a broad, yet in-depth overview of the field of fuzzy systems. This book can be a handbook and a guide for students of computer science, information technology, EEE, ECE, disciplines of engineering, students in master of computer applications, and for professionals in the
information technology sector, etc.

This book will be a very good compendium for almost all readers — from students of undergraduate to postgraduate level and also for researchers, professionals, etc. — who wish to enrich their knowledge on fuzzy systems’ principles and applications with a single book in the best manner.

This book focuses mainly on the following academic courses:

• Master of Computer Applications (MCA)
• Master of Computer and Information Technology
• Master of Science (Software)-Integrated
• Engineering students of computer science, electrical and electronics engineering, electronics and communication engineering and information technology both at graduate and postgraduate levels
• Ph.D research scholars who work in this field

Fuzzy systems, at present, is a hot topic among academicians as well as among program developers. As a result, this book can be recommended not only for students, but also for a wide range of professionals and developers who work in this area.

This book can be used as a ready reference guide for fuzzy system research scholars. Most of the algorithms, solved problems, and applications for a wide variety of areas covered in this book can fulfil as an advanced academic book.

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