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What Is ROS Toolbox?

ROS Toolbox allows you to connect MATLAB® and Simulink® to the Robot Operating System – both ROS and ROS 2 – for design and development of robotics and autonomous systems. You can connect to an existing ROS network to explore available topics, services, and actions. This allows you to send commands to, and receive data from, any simulators, hardware, or software nodes on the ROS network. The toolbox also includes MATLAB functions and Simulink blocks to import, analyze, and play back ROS data recorded in rosbag files.

ROS Toolbox supports C++ code generation (with Simulink Coder™), enabling you to automatically generate ROS nodes from your design and deploy to simulated or physical hardware. Simulink lets you view messages and change parameters while your model is running on hardware.

For more information on how ROS Toolbox can help you integrate MATLAB and Simulink into development workflows using ROS, please visit the ROS Toolbox product page on

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