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Understanding Sensor Fusion and Tracking, Part 2: Fusing a Mag, Accel, & Gyro Estimate

This video describes how we can use a magnetometer, accelerometer, and a gyro to estimate an object’s orientation. The goal is to show how these sensors contribute to the solution, and to explain a few things to watch out for along the way. We’ll cover what orientation is and how we can determine orientation using an accelerometer and a magnetometer. We’ll also talk about calibrating a magnetometer for hard and soft iron sources and ways to deal with corrupting accelerations. We’ll also show a simple dead reckoning solution that uses the gyro on its own. Finally, we’ll cover the concept of blending the solutions from the three sensors. Check out these other references! Estimating Orientation Using Inertial Sensor Fusion and MPU-9250: Kalman Filter Tech Talks:
Drone Control and the Complementary Filter: Madgwick Filter: Mahony Filter: Representing Attitude:

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