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Simulation of Dynamic Systems with MATLAB and Simulink by Harold Klee (Author), Randal Allen (Author)

Continuous-system simulation is an increasingly important tool for optimizing the performance of real-world systems. The book presents an integrated treatment of continuous simulation with all the background and essential prerequisites in one setting. It features updated chapters and two new sections on Black Swan and the Stochastic Information Packet (SIP) and Stochastic Library Units with Relationships Preserved (SLURP) Standard. The new edition includes basic concepts, mathematical tools, and the common principles of various simulation models for different phenomena, as well as an abundance of case studies, real-world examples, homework problems, and equations to develop a practical understanding of concepts.

Buy: Simulation of Dynamic Systems with MATLAB® and Simulink® Hardcover – 29 Nov 2017 by Harold Klee (Author), Randal Allen (Author)

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