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What Is RF PCB Toolbox?

Design, analyze, and prototype Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs) operating at high frequency using RF PCB Toolbox™. Start from a catalog of parameterized planar components such as transmission lines, couplers, filters, inductors, and capacitors. With full-wave 3D electromagnetic analysis, RF PCB Toolbox accurately computes S-parameters, impedance, current, and charge distribution. Use behavioral models to speed up the analysis of traces, inductors, and capacitors. You don’t need to be an EM expert to specify metal and dielectric material properties and analyze the impact of thickness, conductivity, permittivity, and loss tangent on the PCB performance. Once the design is completed, generate Gerber files for the fabrication of the board. Import multi-board PCB layouts with standard formats to evaluate and minimize signal integrity issues. For example, calculate the current density and S-parameters to determine the crosstalk between adjacent lines, minimize the effects of ground currents, and reduce substrate noise.

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