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What Are MATLAB Apps?

You can use MATLAB® apps to complete common tasks and workflows for science, engineering, and research areas without needing to write code. All apps provide a visual, interactive experience that indicates what you need to fulfill that task and how to reproduce and share your work quickly. - Get started: MATLAB users with a high-level understanding of a particular domain can use apps to perform meaningful computations and learn from those results. Domain experts can quickly use MATLAB apps to produce results, visualizations, and data models. Apps are specialized for tasks, but each app follows a general predictable workflow. It can take deep expertise and a lot of time to figure out which algorithm is best for your problem. Some apps let you try out many algorithms at once and quickly see how the results compare. Many apps can leverage Parallel Computing Toolbox™ for faster processing. Once you’ve identified a good candidate, you can learn about and adjust parameters directly within the app. Any work accomplished in a MATLAB app can be quickly reproduced through the code generation features; some apps can even generate data models directly. You can also modify the code that MATLAB produces and apply it to other data. - Learn more about MATLAB Apps:

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