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Topics Covered:
-Element-by-Element Operations
Multi-Dimensional Arrays

Sample Problem 1:
Suppose two divers start at the surface and establish the following coordinate system: x is
to the west, y is to the north, and z is down. Diver 1 swims 55 ft west, 36 ft north, and then
dives 25 ft. Diver 2 dives 15 ft, then swims east 20 ft and then north 59 ft. (a) Find the distance between diver 1 and the starting point. (b) How far in each direction must diver 1
swim to reach diver 2? How far in a straight line must diver 1 swim to reach diver 2?

Sample Problem 1:
Use the data to compute the average speed required to drive each route. Find the route that has the highest average speed.

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