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MATLAB for Mechanical Engineers Hardcover – 1 July 2018 by Rao Dukkipati (Author)

This book provides the students with the opportunity to improve their programming skills using the MATLAB environment to implement algorithms and the use of MATLAB as a tool in solving problems in engineering. An introduction to MATLAB basics is presented along with MATLAB commands. MATLAB is considered as the software of choice. MATLAB can be used interactively and has an inventory of routines, called as functions, which minimize the task of programming even more. In the computational aspects, MATLAB has emerged as a very powerful tool for numerical computations involved in engineering topics. The idea of computer-aided design and analysis using MATLAB with the Symbolic Math Tool box and the control systems tool box has been incorporated. Many solved problems are presented that demonstrate the application of MATLAB to the analysis of problems in control systems, basic engineering mechanics: statics and dynamics, mechanical vibrations, electrical circuits and numerical methods. Presentations are limited to very basic topics to serve as an introduction to advanced topics in those areas of discipline. The numerous worked examples and unsolved exercise problems are intended to provide the reader with an awareness of the general applicability of MATLAB. An extensive bibliography to guide the student to further sources of information on engineering topics covered in this book using MATLAB is provided at the end of the book. All end-of chapter problems are fully solved in the Solution Manual available only to Instructors.
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