#Day5- #100DaysChallenge- Matlab Loops| Linear Search

#Day5-Linear Search

Task: Linear Search
Note: This code can be done using the in-built command. But for the challenge I am trying to avoid those.

 In the above vector, we have to find the first occurrence of the given number x

For Example:
If x=3.
Then the code has to return 3 because the index of x=3 is 3 [First Occurrence]
If x=1
Then the code has to return 1 because the index of x=1 is 1[First Occurrence]
If x=4
Then the code has to return 8 because the index of x=4 is 8[First Occurrence]

Matlab Code:
function loc=lin_search(in_vect,x)
for i=1:1:n
    if (x==in_vect(i))&& (loc==-1)


Sample Input and Output


loc =



loc =



loc =


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