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Rapid Control Prototyping with Simulink Real-Time

Take advantage of Speedgoat hardware with Simulink Real-Time™ to benefit from a seamless workflow for both desktop simulation and real-time testing of your controls, directly from MATLAB® and Simulink®. Deploy your Simulink control designs to run on Speedgoat target computers, configure I/O connectivity, and immediately start experimenting in real-world dynamics. Access extensive instrumentation capabilities that enable you to rapidly tune your controller and continuously monitor and record its performances. Eliminate time-consuming and error-prone hand-coding tasks through automatic code generation. Save time by systematically proving the functional behavior of your control algorithm through test automation. Use Speedgoat prototyping hardware with flexible Simulink-ready I/Os. Focus on exploring new ideas, setting trade-offs, and exposing any design flaws in your controller prototype candidate without undergoing lengthy embedded processes or dealing with designing and operating ad hoc hardware prototypes.

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