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How to Tune PI Controllers for a PMSM

Learn how to tune PI controller gains used in field-oriented control of a BLDC (PMSM) motor on actual hardware-motor setup. This video shows how to build a MATLAB® and Simulink® model using Motor Control Blockset™ together with the Field Oriented Control Autotuner block to tune PI controllers.

The example addresses the challenges faced in tuning PI controllers theoretically or empirically by tuning these controllers on an actual three-phase PMSM motor. It requires the user to have the motor running in steady state using nominal PI gain values. The Field Oriented Control Autotuner   then introduces perturbations (based on controller gains set by the user) on these controller outputs, analyzes the motor response, and computes the PI controller gain values.

Tune PI Controllers Using Field Oriented Control Autotuner

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