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How to Customize Generated ASAP2(a2l) File Using Calibration Profile

ASAP2(a2l) files generated from a Simulink® model describe ECU data objects, such as characteristic objects (parameters, map, curve, etc.) and measurement objects. ASAP2(a2l) file format is based on the ASAM MCD2-MC standard defined by ASAM (Association for Standardization of Automation and Measuring Systems).

This video demonstrates how to customize the generated ASAP2 file by using a Calibration Profile in Simulink® (with Embedded Coder™). First, enter the Code perspective in the model. In the Simulink toolstrip, select the "Calibration and Measurement Properties" checkbox. Use the Code Mappings editor to specify the Calibration properties for modeling elements, such as inports, outports, signals, states, data stores, and parameters. Once the values are specified, you can build the model to generate code. Use the “Generate Calibration Files” tool to export the ASAP2(a2l) file. The exported ASAP2(a2l) file contains customized properties for characteristic and measurement objects and can now be used for calibration.

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