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5G NR HDL Cell Search Reference Application

The 5G NR HDL Cell Search reference application is hardware-proven subsystem IP that performs OFDM demodulation and detects primary and secondary synchronization signals (PSS/SSS). The hardware subsystem is designed using Simulink, and can be used as-is or modified to detect the signal synchronization block (SSB) information for use in your 5G wireless application.

This video outlines the design methodology used to create it, as well as how to simulate it and generate synthesizable RTL for FPGA or ASIC implementation. Details include:

- Creating a reference algorithm and synthesizing a 5G waveform using 5G Toolbox
- Adding hardware architecture to the MATLAB reference model
- Implementing streaming versions of the algorithms to handle real-world continuous signal processing
- Simulating and analyzing the Simulink implementation using a MATLAB testbench, and comparing the results versus the MATLAB reference
 - Running HDL Coder to generate synthesizable RTL, automatically calling FPGA synthesis and returning its results.

More detail on this workflow can be found in the whitepaper: - Deploying 5G Communications on FPGA: A Complete MATLAB and Simulink Workflow:

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