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How to Develop Battery Management Systems in Simulink, Part 2: The BMS Algorithm

Learn how to use Stateflow® to develop supervisory control for a battery management system (BMS).

This video shows how Stateflow lets you model conditional states within the BMS. You can use Stateflow to describe how algorithms and models react to input signals, events, and time-based conditions. Depending on conditions within in the battery system, this supervisory control logic takes actions to make components of the system active and inactive. For example, on an over-temperature condition, the supervisory control would activate a fault condition and disconnect the power source to prevent charging the battery pack.

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Hardware-in-the-Loop Simulation for Battery Management Systems:
Battery Management Systems (BMS):

 Lecture 1:  How to Develop Battery Management Systems in Simulink, Part 1: BMS Overview

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