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5G Explained: Signals for Channel Sounding in 5G NR

This video discusses signals in 5G New Radio (NR) that enable channel sounding. Those signals include the channel state information reference signals (CSI-RS) on the downlink and sounding reference signals (SRS) on the uplink. Channel sounding provides channel information used for resource allocation and beamforming.

This video explains the time and frequency structure of CSI-RS and introduces zero-power CSI-RS and their role in interference measurement. You’ll learn how CSI is fed back to the gNodeB via codebooks. Then, you’ll learn about the time and frequency structure of SRS and how suitable uplink beamforming is communicated to the UE as a result. Finally, this video walks through the difference between the role of CSI-RS and SRS and the role of DMRS.

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