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DO-178C Software Workflow with Qualified Code Generation

Many legacy aeronautics control software development projects still use traditional workflows or hybrid workflows combining manual and automatic code generation. However, engineers today would not start a new DAL-A or DAL-B controls development project without using Model-Based Design or code generation and verification.

The key is to qualify the tools to automate as many DO-178C tasks as possible and get the maximum certification credit. This approach enables you to reduce development efforts and risks in design, testing, code generation, and code verification.

In this video, you can learn which tasks you can automate using MATLAB® and Simulink® code generation products. You will also learn how you can apply Model-Based Design to comply with DO-178C and its supplements (DO-330, DO-331, DO-332, and DO-333) and get the maximum certification credit.

Download the interactive poster:

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