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Control Systems in Practice, Part 8: The Gang of Six in Control Theory

Check out the other videos in the series: Part 1 - What Does a Control Engineer Do? Part 2 - What Is Gain Scheduling? Part 3 - What Is Feedforward Control? Part 4 - Why Time Delay Matters Part 5 - A Better Way to Think About a Notch Filter Part 6 - What Are Non-Minimum Phase Systems? Part 7 - 4 Ways to Implement a Transfer Function in Code When analyzing feedback systems, we can get caught up thinking solely about the relationship between the reference signal and the output. However, to fully understand how a feedback system behaves, we actually need to look at four different transfer functions. And if our system has a feedforward path, then this expands to six – the so-called gang of six transfer functions. The goal of this video is to provide a little intuition around why we need to look at more than just a single transfer function to fully capture the properties of the system. Check out these other resources: Chapter 5 of Control System Design by Karl Johan Åström: Quanser QUBE-Servo 2: QUARC Real-Time Control Software for Simulink: Free experience controls textbook app from Quanser:

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