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5G Explained: Synchronization Signal Blocks in 5G NR

In this video, you’ll learn about the synchronization signal block (SSB) in 5G New Radio (NR). The SSB is comprised of the primary and secondary synchronization signals (PSS and SSS) as well as the broadcast channel (BCH), which includes the master information block (MIB). The PSS enables frame synchronization and, along with the SSS, determination of the physical cell ID. The MIB contains essential pieces of information for a UE trying to get onto the network, such as the location and format of the next piece of information: the system information block type 1 or SIB1.You’ll learn about the coding and modulation chain for SSB, and what numerologies are applicable. Finally, the video discusses synchronization signal bursts, which are a group of multiple, beamformed SSBs, and their periodicity. The video also shows an example of SSB generation with 5G ToolboxTM.

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