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Control Systems in Practice, Part 6: What Are Non-Minimum Phase Systems?

Part 1 - What Control Systems Engineers Do Part 2 - What is Gain Scheduling? Part 3 - What is Feedforward Control?
Part 4 - Why Time Delay Matters
Part 5 - A Better Way to Think About a Notch Filter

We like to categorize transfer functions into groups and label them because it helps us understand how a particular system will behave simply by knowing the group that it’s part of. We gain some insight into the system if we know, for example, that we’re dealing with a type 1, second order transfer function. In a similar way, we can glean some additional information about how our system will behave if we know whether it’s a minimum phase or non-minimum phase system. So, in this video, we’re going to talk about what minimum phase means, what causes a non-minimum phase system, and how that impacts the system behavior.

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