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Control Systems in Practice, Part 1: What Control Systems Engineers Do

The work of a control systems engineer involves more than just designing a controller and tuning it. Over the course of a project, designing the controller might be a relatively small part of your day-to-day job. Depending on the size and phase of the project, your responsibilities and the groups with which you work will probably vary greatly. • What is Model-Based Design?: • Learn more about Embedded Code Generation: • Agile and Model-Based Design for Engineering Software Development: • Verify and validate embedded systems using Model-Based Design: This video walks through the phases of a typical project and describes what it means to be a control systems engineer. It covers the concept formulation phase, in which your job is to help form a broadly defined "need.” The video covers requirements and how a control engineer works with systems engineering to describe the system. We walk through the development phase, in which design, implementation, and evaluation take place and special emphasis is placed on modeling, test, and verification. Finally, the video covers some of a control systems engineer’s responsibilities after the product is in operation.

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