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Signal Integrity Crosstalk Analysis in MATLAB

 Learn how to effectively analyze crosstalk in high-speed serial link designs using Signal Integrity Toolbox. This video demonstrates project setup, schematic sheets, variation groups, rules files, and goes over the simulation results for accurate crosstalk analysis.

Discover how crosstalk is affected by adjusting microstrip trace lengths and aggressor clearances. Explore the impact of crosstalk on multi-channel schematics and efficiently simulate different variable values using variation groups.

The Serial Link Designer app enables the evaluation of crosstalk metrics such as integrated crosstalk noise (ICN), insertion loss-to-crosstalk ratio (ICR), and power-summed crosstalk (PSXT). Understand compliance masks and assess each channel to ensure adherence to industry standards.

Visualize and interpret simulation results the Signal Integrity Viewer app. Correlate ICN, ICR, and PSXT to assess signal-to-noise ratios and optimize your design. Enhance your understanding of crosstalk analysis in high-speed design with Signal Integrity Toolbox.

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