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How to Get the Transfer Function of an Electrical Circuit in MATLAB

 Circuit analysis based on transfer functions can reduce the need to build a prototype of an electrical circuit for testing and refining and thus can save time and costs. Learn how to use Symbolic Math Toolbox™ in MATLAB® to get the transfer function of an electrical circuit. Compared with manual calculation, programming in MATLAB can be more efficient. 

- Learn more about Symbolic Math Toolbox:

- Learn more about transfer functions:

- Learn how to design and simulate electrical systems in MATLAB:   

 • How to Design and Simulate Electrical...  

Video Chapters 

00:00 Opening 

00:21 What a transfer function is 

00:48 Why we need the transfer function of a circuit 

01:42 How to get the transfer function of a circuit in MATLAB 

04:03 How to use a transfer function for circuit analysis 

04:43 Summary 

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