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Cognitive Radio Development in Electromagnetic Spectrum Operations (EMSO)

 Learn how to develop high-fidelity cognitive radio systems with digital engineering for Electromagnetic Spectrum Operations (EMSO). See how modeling and simulation are performed at multiple abstraction levels and how MATLAB can be used to create training data sets for radar, communication systems, and other RF emitters to ensure robust training of deep learning and machine learning algorithms for use in cognitive radio applications. 

To learn more about designing and testing multifunction RF systems like radar, wireless communications, and EMSO, click here:


00:00 – Introduction

00:50 – Digital Engineering for EMSO

02:11 – Modeling and Simulation

09:56 – Multifunction RF systems

14:44 – Dynamic Radar/EW Scenarios

21:27 – Adaptive Mode-Agility Examples

23:46 - AI Workflow 

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