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Develop ISO 26262-Compliant ADAS Applications with Model-Based Design

The IEC Certification Kit helps you fulfill the functional safety requirements for tool qualification (ISO 26262-6, Clause 11 and IEC 61508-3, Clause 7.4.4). The kit provides detailed workflows, guidance, and mapping documents between requirements of relevant standards and use cases of MATLAB® and Simulink® products. Starting in R21a, the IEC Certification Kit ships with the highway lane following case study. The steps in the case study will help you develop your ISO 26262-compliant ADAS applications using Model-Based Design. The steps cover major activities, from requirements specification and architecture design to software integration and verification. Explore the case study on your own and learn how to: - Verify your designs early in the development process - Trace your artifacts easily with each other and to ISO 26262 requirements - Use automatic code generation to reduce risks associated with hand-coding - Automate your activities, including report generation, as much as necessary Learn More: - Embedded Code Generation: - Verification, Validation, and Test: - Verifying Models and Code for High-Integrity Systems: - Automated Driving with MATLAB and Simulink:

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