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Arduino Engineering Kit: The Drawing Robot, Part 1: Introduction to the Drawing Robot

The Arduino Engineering Kit is an initiative by MathWorks® and Arduino®, which provides hands-on experience in building three engineering projects using MATLAB®, Simulink®, and Arduino hardware: self-balancing motorcycle, mobile rover, and drawing robot. The kit has complete documentation and project files containing the code to guide you from start to finish.

In this video series, learn the steps needed to implement the drawing robot. The project contains MATLAB live scripts for seven tasks (tasks 1–7) that are required to configure and run the drawing robot to replicate an image provided through a file or webcam.

This video series has three parts:

- Part 1: Overview of the Arduino Engineering Kit and the Drawing Robot
- Part 2: Tasks 1–4, control the hardware, servo and DC motors, convert motor inputs into cartesian coordinates, test the bot by moving it to a specific position, and define drawing boundaries
- Part 3: Tasks 5–7, show the workflow that lets you convert the input image into motor commands and draw the image on the drawing area

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