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Color Layout Descriptor (CLD) of MPEG-7 for Image Retrieval (With MATLAB Code)

Color Layout Descriptor (CLD) of MPEG-7 family is explained. It is shown that CLD is one of the effective visual descriptor which focuses on the color distribution in an image.
This CLD is compact in size and obtained using fast computation, therefore, it is suitable for fast image search. CLD also shows scale invariance property. In this video, Theory of CLD, its implementation in MATLAB and its effectiveness in image retrieval is shown.

This video has following contents:
* What is Content Based Image Retrieval (CBIR)? 
* MPEG-7 Visual Descriptors.
* Color Layout Descriptor (CLD).
* Steps to compute CLD.
* MATLAB Code for implementing CLD.
* Applying CLD on two images and getting their closeness.
* Showing effectiveness of CLD in image retrieval.

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