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Understanding Sensor Fusion and Tracking, Part 6: What Is Track-Level Fusion?

Gain insights into track-level fusion, the types of tracking situations that require it, and some of the challenges associated with it.

You’ll see two different tracking architectures—track-to-track fusion and central-level tracking—and learn the benefits of choosing one architecture over the other.

Additional Resources:

- Introduction to Track-to-Track Fusion: - Track-to-track fusion example (MathWorks): - Comparative Study of Track-to-Track Fusion Methods for Cooperative Tracking with Bearings-Only Measurements (PDF): - Covariance Intersection in State Estimation of Dynamical Systems (PDF): - Download ebook: Multi-Object Tracking for Autonomous Systems and Surveillance Systems: - Download white paper: Sensor Fusion and Tracking for Autonomous Systems: - Free Trial – Sensor Fusion and Tracking Toolbox:

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